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CLASS 3 MATH [ VOLUME 1 - 12 ] comes with an annual subscription [12 picture workbook kits]. First 10 volumes cover the entire math concepts for Class III. Each workbook kit has exercise objectives listed in the first page, followed by 30 to 40 exercises. Each exercise is accompanied by a clear example for the skill. There is an answer key at the end for each volume. The 11th volume is a recap workbook covering all the concepts. The 12th volume is an assessment workbook for all the concepts covered.

It is perfect for the children studying in CBSE and other curriculums in India (age 8 to 9) who just need extra math practice! These comprehensive picture workbook kits allow children to practice math concepts like FOUR DIGIT NUMBERS; COMPARING, SORTING, ORDERING AND CLASSIFYING; ADDITION OF 4 - DIGIT NUMBERS SUBTRACTION OF 4 DIGIT NUMBERS; MULTIPLICATION; DIVISION; FRACTION; SHAPES 2D AND 3D; PATTERNS AND GEOMETRY; MEASUREMENT; TIME AND CALENDAR; MONEYAND DATA HANDLING in detail which covers more than 330 math skills. 

These workbook exercises boost confidence in problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.